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Ventana Research

Dynamic Insights: The Agent Desktop


Agent desktop systems are designed to enable contact center agents and those who interact with customers to handle interactions efficiently and effectively. Unifying the agent desktop helps simplify and speed interactions and improve the customer experience. This brief Dynamic Insight research survey will help you assess your efforts. Please answer the 14 questions below and you'll receive a unique set of insights and guidance based on your responses to help improve your agent desktop efforts.
1. How important is it to improve how your company handles interactions with your customers?
2. How important is it to your organization to improve agent performance?
3. How satisfied are your agents with their jobs?
4. Do your agents have to access multiple systems to resolve customer interactions?
5. Do your agents have to use more than one desktop or laptop computer to access the applications they need to do their jobs?
6. Has your organization implemented or does it plan to implement a unified desktop?
7. How many systems on average must agents access to resolve an interaction?
8. Which of the following communication channels do agents use most often when handling interactions? (Select all that apply.)
9. How often do your agents meet their target for average contact-handling times (AHT)?
10. When your agents do not achieve their AHT targets, what is the primary reason?